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Why choose Athena

During 2022 we extended support services to Introduction only services for clients who have chosen to employ their own staff, but require support to manage them.

We can offer support to our clients in three ways:

As a direct service provider
  • Covering all aspects of the case management service including employing and managing social care support staff.
As a indirect service provider
  • Assisting with all aspects of the case management service, but not employing or managing social care support staff (the service user employs and manages this aspect independently).
  • Assisting with some aspects of case management as agreed, not employing the social care support staff but supporting to procure third party payroll services and payments.

We are Flexible

Our charges are flexible to meet the needs of the service user. We may charge a flat monthly fee depending on the complexity of the case, or we may charge a fixed hourly charge. This will be assessed on the basis of:

  • The amount of input/activity the service user requires
  • A risk assessment based on the service user's behavioural, mood, or psychiatric problems, and family involvement

The case manager's role includes co-ordinating the injured person's further placement, care, rehabilitation, and training. This includes liaising with health, social, and educational services to find elements of occupation, care, rehabilitation, and training, and liaising with family members, care workers, and others involved.

Such a role involves an on-call element, with the case manager being available for support and guidance when required, and should a particular difficulty arise. There are regular case reviews. Athena case manager uses a system of record-keeping and goal setting. Monthly progress reports are provided.

Our Clients say ...

What would we do without you ..."

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