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Case Studies

CW, Cambridgeshire

We were asked to provide Case Management Services for a young lady recovering from a traumatic brain injury, resulting from medical negligence and requiring the implementation of a 24 hour package of care provided by independently employed social care staff.

After listening to the service user other members of the family a comprehensive support plan was developed and it was agreed Athena Case Management would arrange and liaised with suitable health professional input from physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and a neuropsychologist. We had continuing liaison with our social care department and following suitable introductions were able to secure and effectively manage the 24 hr package of care.

To date our client has remained living in their own home and has not been readmitted into residential accommodation for over 18 months.

PB, Lincolnshire

Athena Care Management has significant experience of working with adults with Traumatic Brain Injury. We were asked to provide case management services for a 55 year old man who presented with a severe head injury and displayed mental health issues and consequent challenging behaviour.

This gentleman had a history of aggressive behaviour and alcohol and displayed inappropriate sexual behaviour. He had been placed under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act in the past. Our experienced management team spent several weeks developing a trusting open relationship and began discussing positive opportunities that would secure the outcomes discussed and agreed.

With a full care package of independently employed social care support and a structured regime of leisure activities and exercise programme. We continued to work closely with the support team and introduced a step by step rehabilitation programme which assisted the team to focus on the positive outcomes. To date the gentleman continues to make positive contributions to the local community.

JW, Nottinghamshire

We have been asked to provide a smaller package of support, which includes payroll services, and assisting the client to manage his own package of support, offering a forum for supervisions once every three months; as part of our assistance we are able to give advice on employment and contract issues, as well as support as and when required on any other employment related matters.

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