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About Us

Behind our Case Management Services are agreements designed to meet the needs of the client, there are no set number of visits each month, no plan of reducing input, and the service is tailored to what is required.

Pre & Post Settlement Services

A Case Manager in a pre settlement role may be involved in writing reports for the courts, and liaising with physiotherapists and other health care professionals, and the client to propose a package of support that would be required to enable the client to live independently. Where a package of support is arranged pre-settlement, we could be involved with the client in arranging this support.

A post settlement role may include setting up a support package, and monitoring it, including liaising with health care professionals, and social care providers, we can provide training for the client's staff, and actively monitor and support those staff.

We can also become involved where the relationship has broken down, either with current Case Management or with current Social Care Provider, and support the client in what direction they wish to take the service.

It may be that after some years of rehabilitation the client wishes to employ their own staff, but are unsure of taking that step, we can support people in this, with as little or as much support as required, we make suggestions as to the service needed, but it is up to the client what aspects of our provision are chosen.

What makes Athena Care different?

We provide our services as requested, the client or POA can select which aspects of Case Management they require, they may only need support for payroll, and these services can be provided, or they may need assistance with setting up their own support from scratch.

There is no set structure that is provided, we detail our services, listening to what the client already feels they can do themselves in some cases, and in instances where a deputy has been appointed we would liaise with them over the most appropriate course of treatment/support required.

Our Clients say ...

What would we do without you ..."

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